Half a Million Views on the Blog

Half a million views

The Freelance History Writer has surpassed half a million views! I have to thank all my lovely readers for making this possible. I’d like to take this opportunity to give the readers an update on what’s been happening on the blog and what’s in store for this year.

I’ve had an interest in French history since I began studying the language in the ninth grade. While I was pursuing my degree in history in college, there was an eccentric professor who taught French history and I took every course he offered. And French was my minor course of study during that time. So it was inevitable there would be articles on the blog about one of my favorite subjects.

My research into French history has been fascinating, especially the late fifteenth and sixteenth century. I had written an article about King Louis XI a couple of years ago and wanted to learn more about his family. Recent research led me to write an article on Louis XI’s eldest daughter Anne de Beaujeu. The more I learned about her, the more I admired her. She was instrumental in annexing the duchy of Brittany into the kingdom of France. This resulted in an article on the significance of the siege of Rennes. With the fall of Rennes, Anne, the Duchess of Brittany was compelled to marry Anne de Beaujeu’s brother, King Charles VIII of France. There are so many facets to Anne of Brittany’s personality. She was known as a very successful matchmaker. She arranged for several important marriages, including that of Anne of Foix-Candale and Germaine de Foix.

My biography of Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy always has been by far the most popular article on the blog. I’ve always wondered why she fascinates so much! Articles on Tudor history will always be popular. One article that received a lot of views recently was on the funeral of Elizabeth of York. Also, my recent research has led me to learn about the tragic Grey sisters, Lady Jane, Lady Katherine and Lady Mary. I learned there is a firsthand written account of the unfortunate death of Lady Katherine Grey that is very moving.

Another article I’m very proud of is a collaboration with a friend from Poland about medieval tower houses in Europe. She is interested in saving a tower house in Poland that has rare medieval paintings on its walls. I was also greatly honored to receive a request to write an article for the English Historical Fiction Authors BlogSpot. Of course it was Tudor history related and concerned the two wives of Sir Thomas More. And another history friend requested an article regarding the Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales in honor of the 220th anniversary of her death on January 7, 1796.

Finally I wanted to share some kind words from another blogger, Perspeculor Travel and History. She was searching for the fifteen best history blogs and chose The Freelance History as one of them.

“This blog is incredibly rich and varied, with articles covering a huge range of time periods. Articles are always extremely well-researched and detailed”. (The Freelance History Writer)

Again, thanks for reading and if you’re not already following the blog, please sign up. Look for more articles soon on topics ranging from French, English, women’s and Tudor history.