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  1. Hello my dear friend, I do not know what happen to my post, but I am going to post it again, selection is : Saint Albans Cathedral, I was there and took a lot of pictures, I always am interesting in learn about the constructions of cathedrals, for me is something fascinating , I can spend all day inside the cathedrals and learning about them, love it…..


    • Of course Princess! St. Albans is a lovely Cathedral and it is now on the list to write about it’s history. You are lucky you were able to visit there. Thank you for the suggestion.


      • Thank you very much Susan, the history of this cathedral like all the others is very interesting , date from the Roman time and when I was there I when to see out side a roman wall, it is the 2nd larger cathedral in England, you will love the history of this…😄😄


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