Canterbury Cathedral, England
Canterbury Cathedral, England

Cathedrals in a Minute Posts

Bradford Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
Carlisle Cathedral
Chester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland
Durham Cathedral
Elgin Cathedral
Ely Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland
Gloucester Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral
Leicester Cathedral
Lichfield Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral
Llandaff Cathedral
Newcastle Cathedral
Norwich Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris, France

Old St. Paul’s Cathedral
Peterborough Cathedral
Ripon Cathedral
Rochester Cathedral
St. Albans Cathedral
St. Asaph Cathedral, Wales
St. David’s Cathedral, Wales
St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
Salisbury Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral
Wells Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral
Worcester Cathedral

12 thoughts on “Cathedrals

  1. Hello my dear friend, I do not know what happen to my post, but I am going to post it again, selection is : Saint Albans Cathedral, I was there and took a lot of pictures, I always am interesting in learn about the constructions of cathedrals, for me is something fascinating , I can spend all day inside the cathedrals and learning about them, love it…..


    • Of course Princess! St. Albans is a lovely Cathedral and it is now on the list to write about it’s history. You are lucky you were able to visit there. Thank you for the suggestion.


      • Thank you very much Susan, the history of this cathedral like all the others is very interesting , date from the Roman time and when I was there I when to see out side a roman wall, it is the 2nd larger cathedral in England, you will love the history of this…😄😄


  2. St Asaph’s in North Wales is the smallest Cathedral in Britain. It is lovely and worth a visit and a blog. I have a lovely picture of it , if you want it


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