Susan Abernethy has a degree in history and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association and The Historical Association.  Her blog, The Freelance History Writer has been continuously publishing historical articles since 2012, with an emphasis on European, Tudor, medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern and Women’s history.  She is currently working on a biography of a prominent Stuart royal.

Due to time constraints and ongoing historical projects, I am unable to read any books outside of those required for my own research.

Any and all sources used for these posts are at the bottom of each page under “Further reading”.

All images used are in the public domain unless specified otherwise in the caption.

To contact me, leave a comment on any of the posts.

Anonymous comments will be deleted.

The Freelance History Writer is now a contributor to the following websites:

Ancient History Encyclopedia
Early Modern England
Mittelalter Hypotheses – A German blog on the Middle Ages

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Interview with Diana Milne on The Review blog

Keira Morgan interviews The Freelance History Writer about Renaissance Women

History’s Willing Advocate:  Q&A With The Freelance History Writer

TudorsWeekly features The Freelance History Writer’s Tudor History Lovers Facebook page

Interview with The Freelance History Writer on Newsblaze.com

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. What a wonderful site! — dense with data, but flows so fluidly — and gives the feeling of really caring for all who are considered. But when I try to sign up to Follow Blog Via Email, I receive the response “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.” I used a valid email, and tried from several spots, including Facebook. Although I wasn’t able to find what the problem is, I am hoping maybe you can! Anyway, regardless of anything else, thank you for creating this wonderful blog!


    • Hi flowwalker, Thank you for your kind words and I’m very pleased you like the blog. Be assured, I’ve received a notification you are now subscribed and will begin receiving an email whenever a new article is published. Best, Susan


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