Vikings Related Articles


Articles related to the television series “Vikings”

The Viking Side

Rollo, Viking Count of Normandy ~ Rollo became the Count of Normandy and is an ancestor of William the Conqueor

The True Story of the Siege of Paris in 885-886

Vǫlva ~ Scandinavian Practitioner of Prophecy and Magical Medicine

Women’s Work and Family in the Viking Age

Ragnar and Aslög – the true (?) story by Anna Belfrage

Who Was the First to Discover America?

The Anglo-Saxon Side

Eadburh, 8th Century Queen of the West Saxons who poisoned her husband, giving West Saxon wives of kings a bad name

Judith of France, Queen of Wessex and Countess of Flanders, the second wife of King Aethelwulf

Cwenthryth of Mercia

Osburh, the real mother of King Alfred the Great and first wife of King Aethelwulf

Alfred the Great, Anglo-Saxon King of Wessex

Some Thoughts on King Alfred the Great

Ealswith, Wife of Alfred the Great

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