Pre-Tudor History and the Reign of King Henry VII 1485-1509

King Henry VII of England

Henry VII, King of England

English Sweating Sickness

Rise of a Dynasty: The Growth of England During the Reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII

Burial Sites of the Tudors and Other English Royalty

Owen Tudor, grandfather of Henry VII

Catherine de Valois, grandmother of Henry VII

Margaret Beauchamp, Duchess of Somerset, grandmother of Henry VII

Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII

Dispelling Tudor Myths:  Was Margaret Beaufort the Mother-in-Law From Hell?

Edmund Tudor, father of Henry VII

St. David’s Cathedral, Wales where Edmund Tudor is buried

Jasper Tudor, uncle of Henry VII

Katherine Woodville, wife of Jasper Tudor

Henry Tudor Makes a Daring Escape to France 

Henry Tudor Recruits Soldiers for His Showdown with Richard III

The Unlikely Life of King Henry VII

The King and Queen of Castile are Shipwrecked in England and Visit King Henry VII

Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII

Letter from Elizabeth of York, Queen of England to Isabella, Queen of Castile – December 3, 1497

Letter from Elizabeth of York, Queen of England to the Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury – June 6, 1499

Funeral of Elizabeth of York, Queen of England

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

English Ambassadors Visit Queen Isabella of Castile – 1489

Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon, wife of Arthur Tudor

Life and Death of Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset, son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

History of Eltham Palace, nursery of the Tudor children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

Henry VII Hosts the Italian Ambassadors – 1497

Margaret Tudor’s Progress to Scotland to Marry James IV

Perkin Warbeck, Pretender to the English Throne

Perkin Warbeck and James IV, King of Scots

Letter from Perkin Warbeck to His Future Wife, Lady Katherine Gordon

The Life of Lady Katherine Gordon

The Death of Arthur: Katherine of Aragon and the Crisis of the Tudor Regime

Letter from Catherine of Aragon, Princess of Wales to her Father King Ferdinand – 1505