Queens of France


A Study in Queenship ~ How Queens Exercised Power

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of King Louis VII

Isabelle of Hainault, first Queen of Philip II Augustus

Ingeborg of Denmark, second Queen of Philip II Augustus

Marguerite of Provence, Queen of France

Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen of France as the wife of King Charles VI

The Coronation of Isabeau, Queen of France – 1389

Marie of Anjou, Queen of King Charles VII

Charlotte of Savoy, Queen of King Louis XI

Margaret of Austria, Queen of King Charles VIII

Jeanne de Valois, Queen of France and Duchess of Berri

Anne of Brittany, Queen of France

The Funeral of Anne of Brittany

Mary Tudor, Queen of King Louis XII

Claude de Valois, Queen of King Francis I

Eleanor of Austria, Queen of France and Portugal

Mary Queen of Scots, Queen of King Francis II

Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of King Charles IX

Louise de Lorraine-Vaudemont, Queen of King Henri III

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