Tudor History

King Henry VIII
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Posts on Tudor History:

“Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded Survived” A link to our series on the Six Wives of King Henry VIII

Letter from Katherine of Aragon, Princess of Wales to her Father King Ferdinand, 1505

The Death of Arthur:  Katherine of Aragon and the Crisis of the Tudor Regime -A guest post by Michael Long

Letter From Katherine of Aragon to Queen Claude of France 

Catherine of Aragon’s Speech at Blackfriars – June 1529

Elizabeth Blount, Henry VIII’s mistress and mother of his natural born son Henry 

The Execution of Anne Boleyn ~ May 19 1536

The Funeral of Queen Jane Seymour

Margaret Beauchamp, Duchess of Somerset and grandmother of King Henry VII

Lady Margaret Beaufort, Matriarch of the Tudor Dynasty

Owen Tudor, Grandfather of King Henry VII

Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and Patriarch of the Tudor Dynasty 

Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford and Earl of Pembroke

Katherine Woodville, Duchess of Buckinghamd and Bedford, wife of Jasper Tudor

The Unlikely Life of Henry Tudor (King Henry VII)

Henry Tudor Recruits Soldiers for His Showdown with King Richard III

Elizabeth of York, Queen of England

The Funeral of Elizabeth of York, the First Tudor Queen of England

English Ambassadors Visit Queen Isabella of Castile, 1489

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots

Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, brother of King Henry VIII

The Wedding of Arthur Tudor and Catherine of Aragon

The Life and Death of Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset

Ten Things to Know About Charles Brandon

Where is King Henry VIII Buried and Why Doesn’t He Have a Tomb?

The Life and Death of Henry, Duke of Cornwall, son of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, illegitimate son of King Henry VIII 

Elizabeth Stafford, Duchess of Norfolk

Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond 

Frances de Vere, Countess of Surrey 

Edward VI, King of England 

The Court of King Edward VI

The Illnesses and Death of King Edward VI

The Unfortunate Death of Lady Katherine Grey

Lady Mary Grey

The English Sweating Sickness

Elizabeth Crofts – “The Voice in the Wall”

The Life of Lady Katherine Gordon, wife of Perkin Warbeck

Perkin Warbeck, Pretender to the English Throne

Letter from Perkin Warbeck to His Future Wife, Lady Katherine Gordon

Mary Boleyn, sister of Queen Anne Boleyn and mistress of King Henry VIII

Sir Thomas More

The Two Wives of Sir Thomas More

Margaret Roper, daughter of Sir Thomas More

Hans Holbein the Younger, Artist at the Court of King Henry VIII

Desiderius Erasmus, Humanist

Swashbuckling Personalities in History include Thomas Seymour and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex

Anne Seymour, Duchess of Somerset

Elizabeth, Drake and the Law of the Sea ~ A guest post by James Hinton

Sir Francis Walsingham, Spymaster to Queen Elizabeth I

Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox and daughter of Margaret Tudor

Lady Arbella Stuart

The Daring Escape of Arbella Stuart

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of David Rizzio

Letter Written by Sir George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury to His Wife, Bess of Hardwick

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  1. Loved your post on Edward VI. I love the what ifs in history. I always wondered what if Geoffrey Plantagenet had succeded Richard the Lionheart….


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