Queens of England

Anne Neville

A Study in Queenship ~ How Queens Exercised Power

Aelfthryth, Queen of England

Emma of Normandy, Queen of England

Edith of Wessex, Queen of Edward the Confessor

Matilda of Flanders, Queen of William the Conqueror

Matilda of Scotland, Queen of Henry I

Adeliza of Louvain, second wife of King Henry I

Empress Maud/Matilda, Lady of the English

Matilda of Boulogne, Queen to King Stephen

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II

Marguerite of France, the Young Queen of England and Queen of Hungary

Berengaria of Navarre, Queen of Richard the Lionheart

Isabella of Gloucester, first wife of King John

Isabelle of Angoulême, Queen of England, second wife of King John

Eleanor of Provence, Queen of England 

Eleanor of Castile, Queen of England

Eleanor of Castile and Her Reputation Through History ~ A guest post by Sara Cockerill

Marguerite of France, second wife of King Edward I

Isabella of France, Queen of Edward II

Philippa of Hainault, Queen of Edward III

Anne of Bohemia, Queen of King Richard II

Isabella of Valois, second Queen of King Richard II

Joan of Navarre, Queen of King Henry IV

Catherine de Valois, wife of King Henry V

Margaret of Anjou, wife of King Henry VI

Uncovering Margaret of Anjou

Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV

The Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Woodville

Anne Neville, Queen of King Richard III

Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII

The Funeral of Elizabeth of York

A link to the series on the six wives of King Henry VIII

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Elizabeth I of England 

Catherine of Braganza, Queen of King Charles II

Catherine of Braganza Departs Lisbon to Become Queen of England 

Queen Mary II

Queen Anne

Queen Anne – The Last Stuart Monarch

Alexandra of Denmark, Queen of King Edward VII

One thought on “Queens of England

  1. Hi – this is a really interesting spread of Queens but I notice Margaret of Anjou is missing from the list. My novel about her, Blood and Roses, was traditionally published in January of this year – she is a fascinating, complex character and I have done a number of guest posts about her, (https://www.catherinehokin.com/novel–blood-and-roses.html). Might one be of interest to you? There is also a copy of the novel available for review – I wasn’t quite sure of your policy on that as you do mention you don’t accept free copies. I’m happy to provide one with no expectation that you would review it! Anyway, I’m following you on Twitter, hope this might strike a chord. I am also at c.hokin@hotmail.co.uk


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