Women of Scotland

Ermengarde de Beaumont, Queen of Scotland
Ermengarde de Beaumont, Queen of Scotland

Posts about Women of Scotland:

Dervorguilla, Mother of a King of Scots

Joan Plantagenet of England, Queen of Scots

Marie de Coucy, Queen of Scots

Yolande de Dreux, Queen of Scots

Marjorie Bruce, Princess of Scotland

Annabella Drummond, Queen of Scotland

Ermengarde de Beaumont

Margaret, Maid of Norway

Elizabeth de Burgh

The Two Wives of Robert II, King of Scots ~ Elizabeth Mure and Euphemia Ross

Joan Beaufort

Mary of Guelders, Queen of Scots

Margaret Stewart, Dauphine of France

Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scots

The Wardrobe of Margaret of Denmark

The Life of Lady Katherine Gordon, wife of pretender Perkin Warbeck

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of David Rizzio

Mary Queen of Scots ~ The Last Month in Scotland

Jane Gordon, Countess of Bothwell and Sutherland 

Marie of Guise, Queen of Scots

Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland

Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England

Margaret Plantagent of England, Queen of Scotland

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots

Madeleine of Valois, Queen of Scots

Scota – The Mother of Scotland

Scota ~ Mother of the Scottish People ~ Article written for the Ancient History Encyclopedia

4 thoughts on “Women of Scotland

  1. On November 21, 2013, you published an article entitled “Scota: Mother of the Scottish People”.
    I am requesting permission to copy the article – in part or all – for a self-published book about my family heritage.
    I do not expect to publish this book for the public, nor to publish it for income. It will be for family use and all referenced material will be properly noted.
    Thank You,


  2. This alone will keep me busy for hours. I had no idea there were so many important past Queens of Scotland. I will comment as I read. Lots of homework assignments here!
    Jan A.


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