Early Modern & Modern History

King Charles II

The Night William Shakespeare Narrowly Escaped Being Tried for Treason in the Essex Rebellion

The Personality of Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales

Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles and the French Revolution, a guest post by Katherine Emrick

The Women of the French Revolution ~ A guest post by Stew Ross

Lady Arbella Stuart

The Daring Escape of Lady Arbella Stuart

Simmone Evrard, Wife of French Revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat

The Popish Plot

Titus Oates

Henriette Anne, Stuart Princess and Duchess of Orléans

Sir George Wakeman, Royal Physician

Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, French Painter

The Great Fire of London, 1666

Luisa Maria Francisca of Guzman, Queen of Portugal

Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England

Catherine of Braganza Departs Lisbon to Become Queen of England

The Funeral of Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of England

Lucy Walter, Mistress of King Charles II of England 

Nell Gwyn, Mistress of King Charles II of England

Louise Renee de Penancoet de Keroualle, Duchess of Richmond and Aubigny, and Mistress of King Charles II of England

Anne Hyde, Duchess of York

A Glimpse Into the Personality of Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart, duchess of Orleans

Sir Francis Walsingham, Spymaster to Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Bourchier Cromwell, Lady Protectress of England, Scotland and Ireland

Mary Belasyse, Countess Fauconberg and daughter of Oliver Cromwell

The Coronation of Mary Beatrice of Modena, Queen of England 

Queen Mary II of Great Britain

Queen Anne of Great Britain

Napoleon’s Greatest Defeat – Soldier’s Accounts 

Alexandra of Denmark, Queen of Great Britain

Indra Devi, The First Lady of Yoga

Isabella Stewart Gardner: The Lady, the legend and the legacy, a guest post by Alexandra Keily

Empress Hermine and Emperor Wilhelm II – An Unwanted Match

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