Spanish and Portuguese History

King Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of Valois

Spanish History

Eleanor of Castile, Queen of England

Eleanor of Castile and Her Reputation Through History

Reasons for the Spanish Inquisition

Juan, Prince of Asturias, son of Ferdinand and Isabella

Margaret of Austria, wife of Juan, Prince of Asturias

English Ambassadors Visit Queen Isabella of Castile – 1489

Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England

Letter from Catherine of Aragon, Princess of Wales to Her Father King Ferdinand II of Aragon – 1505

Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon’s Speech at Blackfriars – June 1529

Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

A Glimpse into the Circumstances of the Life of Queen Juana I of Castile

Juana of Castile and Philip of Burgundy Visit the French Court – 1501

Queen Juana of Castile and the Communeros

Germaine de Foix, Queen of Aragon, Naples, Sardinia, Navarre and Sicily and Vicereine of Valencia

King Francis I’s Sons are Held Hostage by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

The Five Fiancées of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V 

Philip II, King of Spain

Elizabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain

Elizabeth of Valois, Queen of Spain Makes Her State Entry into Toledo – 1561

A Calamitous Accident for the Queen of Spain – 1561

The Feud of the Queen of Spain’s Physicians – 1566

The Funeral of Elizabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain – 1568

Portuguese History

The Battle of Aljubarotta – 1385

Philippa of Lancaster, Queen of Portugal

Letter from Philippa, Queen of Portugal to her brother King Henry IV of England – 1405

A Portuguese Medieval Royal Wedding – 1428

Ferdinand the Saint Prince of Portugal

Isabel of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy

Eleanor of Austria, Queen of Portugal and Queen of France

An English Adventure in Portugal During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England 

Philip I, King of Portugal 

Luisa Maria Francisca of Guzman, Queen of Portugal

Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England

Catherine of Braganza Departs Lisbon to Become Queen of England

The Funeral of Catherine of Braganza

The Assassination Attempt of King José  I of Portugal – 1758