Book Giveaway: “The Medieval Housewife and Other Women of the Middle Ages” by Toni Mount

Medieval Housewife book cover


If you are a follower of the blog, you know The Freelance History Writer loves the history of medieval women. Most of the articles here have to do with Queens and other noblewomen. If you are new to the blog, be sure to peruse and read some of the articles about these fascinating personalities of the Middle Ages. Click on the categories at the top of the page.

Due to a lack of historical material, there is not a lot of information about ordinary medieval women. A friend of The Freelance History Writer has written a short book about medieval housewives and other medieval women and we have a copy of the book to give away! This is a delightful read, full of details about regular everyday women and how they raised children, cooked, shopped, washed and cleaned. There were also women who ran their own businesses or aided their husbands in business. All the information in the book comes from primary sources.

The book is filled with wonderful illustrations including images from medieval manuscripts along with contemporary pictures of medieval re-enactors.

For your chance to win the book, please leave a comment below. You can increase your chances by signing up to follow The Freelance History Writer blog! Good Luck!

81 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: “The Medieval Housewife and Other Women of the Middle Ages” by Toni Mount

  1. I did my doctorate on nuns and their social networks in the late middle ages. Originally I wanted to study laywomen, but my supervisor told me that the sources didn’t exist so it couldn’t be done! I’m delighted to see historians proving him wrong. 😉


  2. I so want this book! As you pointed out, we have a dearth of information on medieval women who were not royals and nobles, but they were and are the majority of women in any culture, and what they did had tremendous impact on those around them. I am looking forward to reading this one.


  3. Always wonderful of you to share your vast knowledge with us! I’m glad your brain has room for all of these facts!


  4. I have recently started following this blog as I am keen to discover more about the medieval era, especially the everyday life of women in this period. I would love a copy of this book.


  5. As a Master’s candidate in Women’s and Gender Studies, I am happy to see this book. Women’s lives ARE history!


  6. Sign me up for the give away. I am also the author of The Witch of Leper Cove, a tale of 13th century England which also has information on the lives of the unnoble. I would love to give a way a copy on your site.


  7. I am a long time follower of this wonderful blog. It is one of the reasons that I started my own. Found a lot of interesting information, things I did not know. Keep up the excellent work!
    The Middle Ages have always been an fascinating time in history for me. I love to read about it, visit places that had shaped it. I am also very interested in women’s history and combining the two is wonderful.
    Of course I would love a copy of the book!! Who wouldn’t?? But my luck as it is, I probably will not win. Ah well…..
    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next posts.


  8. I’m studying history just now and this book would be fantastic! Too many strong female characters are ignored by historians. Currently working on a dissertation about Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland. She’s a very under studied female so hoping I can add to her story!

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