The Freelance History Writer Has Reached One Million Views!

Thanks to all the history lovers and readers of this blog. I’m proud to announce The Freelance History Writer has reached one million views. When I began this journey five years ago, I wanted to share my love of history and hoped to pique the interest of others to read and enjoy history. And my goal is to tell the true, unvarnished history which to me is stranger (and better) than fiction. I want to celebrate with a giveaway for one lucky reader.

Initially the stories I told were about women, especially medieval women. This is still the main focus of the blog. I have found that women’s lives in the past have either been hidden from the chronicles or maybe even worse, their reputations have been trashed. With new insight into the records, women’s stories are emerging and reputations restored. At The Freelance History Writer, I will continue to give up to date information and hopefully turn the narrative around on women in history.

There are several threads I am following here at The Freelance History Writer. My first love is for Tudor and medieval history. Following that is French history which I have adored since I was in college. The French history section has categories in French and Burgundian history, French women, and 17th and 18th Century artists. Other eras explored here are Anglo-Saxon England and Scottish history. And one of my favorite categories here is Queens which include those of England, France and Scotland. There is a smattering of Early Modern and Modern history here too.

Here are some statistics for the blog. In addition to the one million views, there have been over 600,000 visitors. The Freelance History Writer blog has over two thousand followers. By far the most popular post has been Where is King Henry VIII Buried and Why Doesn’t He Have a Tomb? which has had over 29,000 views! This is followed by The Illnesses and Death of King Edward VI, Rollo, Viking Count of Normandy and next up is Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy which has been one my most popular posts for years.

In honor of this historic milestone, I would like to give a gift certificate to to one lucky reader. To enter for a chance to win, please choose your favorite article on the blog. Tell me what you have chosen and why you like it in 150 words or less. Write your choice in the comments section below. The contest will be open for a week and I will inform the winner by E-mail. Once again, thanks for reading. Keep coming back for more. Articles are posted every week. If you aren’t following, fill in your E-mail address at “Follow this Blog” at the top right of the page. Good Luck!

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