The Freelance History Writer has 100,000 Views!


It’s time once again to thank the loyal followers and readers of this blog. The Freelance History Writer has managed to garner 100,000+ views in less than two years. I couldn’t have done it without you, the loyal history lovers.

These last few months have seen the start of a new category on the page: Anglo-Saxon History. These posts have been a blast to research. I really love this time period in English history, sometimes called the Dark Ages. But it wasn’t really dark now was it! There was the enlightened and educated King Alfred the Great. He went to Rome twice as a young boy. And when Alfred and other Anglo-Saxon pilgrims went to Rome, they stayed in the Schola-Saxonum in the Borgo neighborhood. I’m going to have to visit there someday. We also had two spouses of Anglo-Saxon kings, Cynethryth and her daughter Eadburh. Does Eadburh really deserve the reputation she has as being an evil queen?

Alfred had a descendant Edmund who was so brave and fought the Vikings so hard he became known as “Ironside”. Edmund’s father had let the kingdom become so overrun with Vikings it ended up being a lost cause. Did you know England had a Danish king named Cnut? After many years of constant attacks, Cnut safeguarded the kingdom and there was relative peace in England during his nearly nineteen year reign.

As usual, the articles on women remain the most popular here on the blog. The history of the War of the Roses is very trendy now and so the Lady Margaret Beaufort post got tons of views. She was the formidable mother of English King Henry VII and the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty of kings. Another favorite was Charlotte of Savoy, the nine year old princess who married the twenty-eight year old Dauphine Louis, later King Louis XI of France. This post created a little buzz but Louis waited until she was sixteen to consummate the marriage. And even though Louis relegated her to a quiet and uneventful life, she devoted herself to him, gave him an heir to the throne, lived a devout life and indulged in her favorite passion of collecting manuscripts. Another woman who had a most romantic story was the Scottish noblewoman Dervorguilla. She loved her husband dearly and was the mother of the King of Scots, John Balliol.

For the New Year, I had some thoughts about history. And there were two older posts that gained a lot of views on the blog. People were very interested in the life of Joan of Arc and also of the fated Prince of Wales, Arthur Tudor. Once again thanks to all the readers for making the blog a success. And please return often to check in and read. For more history, follow the Facebook page and also Medieval History Lovers on Facebook for more medieval history.

25 thoughts on “The Freelance History Writer has 100,000 Views!

  1. Congrats from W.U Hstry Susan!

    You have liked and followed some of our posts and it’s about time we return the favour! We will be tracking your feed now 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Susan! Very well done, and please keep up the great work! I always enjoy your posts – it’s wonderful to have come across someone with the same fascination for history. I’m learning a lot from your posts about the Dark Ages.


  3. Congratulations indeed. As Robert says, a blog is a labour of love and yours are inspirational. I love receiving them in my inbox as I know that I will come away entertained, informed and enthused.


  4. I’ve only recently found this blog by following breadcrumbs — meaning that I was on Facebook, saw a Medieval article of interest; clicked on it and read it; and then read your bio at the bottom and clicked on a link to this blog. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner!


  5. Congratulations my dear friend, I have to say how I enjoy reading and learning with your posts… ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Congratulations ! My blogs are my labor of love and I hope with time they continue to grow. Often they are a slow burn, but steadily I am building an audience ! Any further advice from the Freelance History blog ?


    • Thank you Robert. Yes it really is a labor of love as you say. And they will grow. Just keep writing. That is half of it. The other half is promotion. A little bit of work getting the writing out on the internet really pays off. But I know you will do well Robert. Your blogs are good! I’ll share some of your work and help with the promotion.


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