St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh

Jo Woolf from The Hazel Tree brings us St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. This one has an important history.

The Hazel Tree

St Giles' Cathedral (1) I have to admit that I haven’t visited many cathedrals:   Dunkeld was a recent addition, but after a bit of memory searching I only came up with four others:  Winchester, Hereford, St Paul’s in London and York Minster, all long before I had a camera or imagined setting up The Hazel Tree!

I guess the reason is that we tend to gravitate away from cities most of the time, towards the remoter parts of the country and the scattered remains of early fortresses, castles and chapels.   Some places speak to your heart more than others.

But early in January I found myself in Edinburgh, with a camera, in glorious sunshine;   so I made the most of it, and headed up the Mound towards the city’s most famous street, the Royal Mile.  Here, among the many historical attractions, I decided to take a peek inside St Giles’ Cathedral.

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