Catherine of Braganza podcast with The Freelance History Writer

The Freelance History Writer had a great time talking history with Rebecca Budd about her favorite subject, Queen Catherine of Braganza, on her podcast “Tea, Toast and Trivia”.

“Amidst all the commotion created by King Charles II and his flamboyant mistresses, there actually was a Queen. She was Catherine of Braganza, and she led a very interesting life in England as the King’s wife and later as ruler of her country of origin.” Susan Abernethy, The Freelance History Writer

Listen here: Season 3 Episode 42: Susan Abernethy on Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England and Regent of Portugal

2 thoughts on “Catherine of Braganza podcast with The Freelance History Writer

  1. I just finished listening to the podcast. I enjoy history, and I am amazed at how interesting history is when we have the time to explore it deeply as opposed to history as we were taught in school.


  2. Thank you for your amazing discussion on Catherine of Braganza, Susan. You bring history alive and remind us of how history continues to influence our present. I am looking forward to more conversations. Your blog is a wealth of information that comes from your detailed research and commitment to historical accuracy.


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