Hilda of Whitby ~ A Ray of Light in the “Dark Ages”

Hilda of Whitby
Hilda of Whitby

The Freelance History Writer has written a guest article for the Ancient History Encyclopedia about the 7th Century Anglo-Saxon Abbess, Hilda of Whitby. I find Hilda to be an inspiration and a formidable presence in a shadowy and inaccessible time in history. She is one of the few women mentioned by The Venerable Bede in his “Ecclesiastical History of the English People” and hosted the Synod of Whitby in 664.

Click on the link below to read this article:

Hilda of Whitby ~ A Ray of Light in the “Dark Ages” on the Ancient History Encyclopedia website.

8 thoughts on “Hilda of Whitby ~ A Ray of Light in the “Dark Ages”

  1. If you are interested, there is a recently Published novel about Hild, written by the historian Jill Dalladay. I know there is also one by Nicole Griffiths, but I believe that one is primarily focused on her childhood, whereas J. Dallladay’s covers her who life.

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    • Yes, it is. I believe you are thinking of the novel by Nicola Griffith. Much of that novel is fictionalized, but if you want to sort out fiction and history, Nicola Griffith has a web site with explanations.


  2. What a very interesting and informative article. She was an amazing and talented woman, one new to my group of early pioneers of that era. I also am unhappy with the reference to the “dark ages.” Perhaps as we continue to study and learn about the people and happenings of this era, the concept will change.

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