A Look at Some Anglo-Saxon Queens

Here’s an article I wrote for Medieval Girl’s blog on a variety of Anglo-Saxon Queens. There’s some very interesting characters here. Enjoy!

Medieval Girl

Today’s blog post is a guest article by The Freelance History Writer Susan Abernethy. Check out Susan’s blog: https://thefreelancehistorywriter.com/  Also check out Susan’s Facebook Pages: https://www.facebook.com/MedievalHistoryLovers  and   https://www.facebook.com/thefreelancehistorywriter 

I’ve been doing quite a lot of research on the Anglo-Saxon period of British history which roughly spans the time from the exodus of the Romans to the Norman Conquest.  For the most part, the chroniclers of this era tell us about the men who ruled and fought.  But occasionally, a woman comes to light in the records.  Some of these women had a distinct impact on history.

Britain under the Anglo-Saxons was divided into various kingdoms.  In the north there was Northumbria and the Danelaw.  In the midsection was a kingdom called Mercia.  Further south, in the east was Anglia, Essex and Kent and in the west there was Sussex and Wessex.  Each of these kingdoms had their own kings.


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