The Freelance History Writer has reached 200,000 Views!


It seems like it was just a few months ago the blog had reached 100,000 views and now we have reached 200,000! The Freelance History Writer is humbled and grateful as well as thrilled. Thanks to all you wonderful history connoisseurs out there and your keen interest in the subject.

Over the last few months the blog has gone through some exciting changes. Early on in my writing, over thirty articles on women’s history were published on another blog. A few months ago, all of these articles were transferred over to The Freelance History Writer so all of my work is now available here. With this change, all the new articles have been categorized and added to the pages at the top. The Early Modern history page has been changed to Early Modern and Modern and all articles from this era have been added.

The biggest change has been the new page called Queens. This page is broken down into three separate pages related to English Queens, French Queens and Scottish Queens and each has been listed in chronological order. If you love this category as much as I do, please feel free to check it out and browse through the articles.

I have also changed the column on the right hand side from a list of the archives by month to a list of historical categories. If a certain era interests you, click on it and it will have all the articles listed for that era. Go to the bottom of the left hand side of the page to “Older Posts” to find the prior articles.

If you love history then you probably love books! The Freelance History Writer has started an adjunct blog for book reviews called The Freelance History Writer Notes and Reviews. Whatever the latest area of research is for The Freelance History Writer, you will find my reviews of books related to that research. Please check it out!

Again many thanks to all you marvelous enthusiasts of history for your readership. As always we love your comments on the articles. And feel free to share posts with a mention of my name and a link to the blog. Now, on to 300,000!

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