The Freelance History Writer has Reached 15,000 Views

The Freelance History Writer

The Freelance History Writer

The Freelance History is delighted and humbled at having reached 15,000 views on the blog!

I began blogging in May of 2012 on the Saints Sisters and Sluts site, writing about women’s history. Because I was having such a good time writing, I couldn’t limit myself to just women and started The Freelance History Writer. My mission in life is to make history fun! This blog is going to allow for posts from Ancient History to mid-20th C. But so far I’ve written about my favorite periods which are Tudor, Medieval and Scottish history with a little foray into French history.

By far the most popular posts have been on the formidable Isabel of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy and the stylish wardrobe of Scottish medieval queen, Margaret of Denmark. Medieval history has also been popular with reader’s favorites being the hapless Aethelred the Unready, the enigmatic King James III of Scotland, the unlucky King James II of Scotland and the elegant late 12th century French noblewoman, Ermengarde de Beaumont, who became Queen of Scotland when she married King William I The Lyon. A couple of my own personal favorites are about the eccentric naval Battle of Winchelsea and Claude, Duke of Guise in the Battle of Marignano.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing about the Tudor period since that’s where my history journey began many years ago. One of my favorite pastimes has also been writing short histories of various cathedrals. I call this series Cathedrals in a Minute and it covers some magnificent buildings in the United Kingdom. Soon I will look into the history of selected cathedrals on the continent of Europe. There will be more to come on Burgundian and French history as well.

The Freelance History Writer is now contributing to Please be sure to check out their website for lots of interesting medieval history from all over the world. Thanks to our many viewers and please return and keep reading the fascinating subject of History!

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