Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Salisbury, England and is one of the leading examples of Early English architecture.  The main body of the building was completed from 1220-1258.  The cathedral has the tallest spire in the United Kingdom. The spire was added later and at 404 feet, has dominated the skyline since 1320.  The cathedral has the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close in Britain, consisting of eighty acres.  It also contains the world oldest working clock (c. 1386 AD)

The chapter house consists of an octagonal shape, a slim central pillar and has a decorative medieval frieze.  The frieze circles the interior, just above the stalls and depicts stories from the bible.  The chapter house contains the best preserved copy of the original Magna Carta from the year 1215.

Spire of Salisbury Cathedral
West Front of Salisbury Cathedral

6 thoughts on “Salisbury Cathedral

  1. Hi Susan. I am a Guide in Salsbury Cathedral. I love the concept of your Cathedral in a Minute series. The spire’s completion date is really unknown as no documentation exists, although it was there by the early 1330s. But I won’t quibble with 1320 because nobody really knows for certain.


    • Hi Jayne! Among the people buried in the cathedral, the most famous is probably Sir Edward Heath, KG, MBE (1916–2005), who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1974 and as a Member of Parliament from 1950 to 2001, and who lived in the Cathedral Close for the last twenty years of his life. Lots of Bishops of Salisbury also are buried there. Susan


      • Not forgetting St Osmund. His coffin lid and plinth can still be seen although his shrine was dismantled in the 16th century.


      • Hi Steve! Thanks so much for reading. Yes I agree we will never really know the exact date of the spire. But I think the spire is amazing! I visited Salisbury in Oct. 2004. I couldn’t believe how the cathedral holds up that stone spire. Thanks for pointing out St. Osmund. I see he’s a relative of William the Conqueror and was responsible for the education of King Henry I. Salisbury Cathedral holds many secrets!


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