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Thanks to the many followers and readers of The Freelance History Writer, the blog has reached 35,000 views! I’m overwhelmed. The blog was only started in July of last year. To go along with this milestone, I have revamped the appearance of the blog page making the posts the main focus. I have also started a new series on influential French artists, composers and writers from the 17th and 18th centuries which I hope readers will enjoy.

All the research on the Duchy of Burgundy has been very popular with readers. It started with the formidable Isabel of Portugal who married Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy in 1430. She lived until 1471, her ultimate goal being an alliance with England. She finally met this goal in 1468 when her son, Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy married Margaret of York. This post was timely as the bones of King Richard III of England, the brother of Margaret of York, had just been verified as being found in a Leicester car park in early February of this year. We also had a very popular post about Charles the Bold’s daughter, Mary of Burgundy who tragically died after a horseback riding accident. I also did a post on Mary’s mother and second wife of Charles the Bold, Isabella of Bourbon.

While researching Isabel of Portugal, as so often happens, I discovered she had a formidable mother so I had to do some research and write a post about Philippa of Lancaster, the daughter of John of Gaunt. I’m quickly learning Portuguese history! Another ongoing theme has been the Scottish queens. These posts have been very popular with readers: Joan Beaufort, Ermengarde of Beaumont and Elizabeth de Burgh.

In honor of the anniversary of his death on April 2, 1502, I wrote a post on the poor elder brother of King Henry VIII, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales. And going back to Anglo-Saxon history, I wrote a post on Ӕlfwynn, the daughter of Ӕthelflaed and grand-daughter of Alfred the Great of England. All this research in history has been great fun! Look for more French and Scottish history in the future and I will also have plans for some more fascinating medieval women coming soon. And many thanks for reading all the history at The Freelance History Writer!

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